Health & Safety


It shall be the policy of ARCNOVA  and its directors and officers that all work will be performed in the safest possible manner consistent with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and any other federal, provincial, or local legislation.

We mandate that our employees are entitled to a health and safe place of employment where no task is considered so urgent that time and care cannot be taken to work safely.

We do not expect our employees to work with defective tools, equipment and materials. We do not want our employees to work in a manner that will put themselves and their colleagues at risk to personal injury.

We will do our best to ensure that all our employees adhere to the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and we will take disciplinary action against those employees that do not.

We are committed to continuing ZERO lost time injury counts and are committed to the goal of preventing and eliminating all hazards, which cause accidents and injuries. All reasonable precautions will  be taken.

At ARCNOVA health and safety is as important as our reputation in the market. Every employee, team-member, and project of ARCNOVA  follow strict health and safety guidelines. We need everyone under our umbrella, to go home safe to their families.​